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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  March 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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you. >> looks like this thing could have been app ef 2 or 3 tornad tornado. >> it was as if trying to lift my are off the frame. >> what you are seeing right here is the rain kurt app come around the cyclone. >>reporter: storm rip across several states and it may not be over yet. good evening everyone. dan has the night
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off. at least 24 people are dead tonight as dozens of tornado ravage their which across the south and midwest. for millions of people this would be an anxious night. tornado warnings still in effect. we are life tonight in smithville tennessee place very hard hit. tj. >> good evening. this gives you an idea of the type of destruction that a tornado can cause. this actually happened on wednesday here in smithvill smithville. friday was other parts of tennessee. deep south midwest which got brutally battered by literally dozen of tornado. tornadoes blitz the nation heart land for the second time this week. terrifying sight of funnel cloud fill the sky from the gulf to the great lakes with 70 reported twisters. sirens sent up the alarm one of hundreds that went out friday. too late for someplaces. henryville destruction as far as the eye can see. building after
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building reduced to pills of rubble. >> we seen the storm cloud coming in from up hear. you can see them swirling debris an everything. we went in the house and i can feel the wind sucking at us. >> i lack up and debris everywhere and next thing i knew i thought it was dream. just big whirl. >>reporter: storm ripped off the roof of the high school everyone inside had been safely evacuated. >> one teacher tolder said it was going to be bad and everybody should find shelter and stay saivshtion the small town of marriesville is completely gone. the photo show the near total definite straition. in this county the vicious wind from this timber through a wall. alabama james and judy lost their home they had rebuilt after it was destroyed by a tornado last april. >> always a plan. god touch has the big picture. >>reporter: 37 million americans and the storms are not over yet.
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>> at least 5 of those in kentucky which is now declared a state of emergency. carolyn. >> all right tj thanks very much. let's get the latest on the tornado. sandy is tracking the storm for us. sandy. >> as you look at the live doppler 7 hd you cap see still tornado warnings across the gulf coast region and thunderstorms erupting in the south. we have seen numerous tornadoes in the last 24 hours. you can see the tease. reports of tornado so far the count is in the dozens. 77 reported so far. just to put this in perspective movement of march you usually see nearly as much what is we saw in 24 hour hours. now the tornado will continue at least threat of it through the night and then as we head in tomorrow the threat
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becomes lower so things are going to improve but not medley. carolyn i'll be back with local lack at the forecast in a little bit. >> all right we'll see you then. >> in berkeley tonight. 3 people have been shot. it happened on bonnie air between university avenue and twice wa way. thomas is there live for us tonight. thomas. >>reporter: we are here on bonnie air street where berkeley police just wrapping up the crime scene. let me let you take a look what the scene lacked like early from up above. now this the was the scene about 7:00 p.m. from sky 7 hd. berkeley police closed off the street between awe continue and bank croft way. helped the woman driving in the white van. at 6:30 shots fired here on bonnie air street near bancroft wait a minute they heard a barrage on the streets. 2 people in the car opened fire on 3 young men in front of a house. all 3 men wounded. one managed to get inside the van that had a mother with two young children inside. the van manageed to get bancroft before
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stopped by police. resident said the shooting is the result of too much time and too many guns. >> you think this is something some kind of grudge. >> really ain't no gang. just kids all grau up with each other. screws too many guns on the street. all these kids got guns. that's the problem. today find the gun coming from they keep having the crime scene. >>reporter: at least a dozen shots fired. haven't been able to talk to berkeley police as yet but know that the 2 young men shot and suffered non-life threatening wounds. another suffered a wound to the chest or stomach area and we don't know what the condition of that individual is. now again we still haven't talked to berkeley police yet but we are going to try to talk to one of the officers and get update on exactly the condition of that individual and what may have happened or what may have caused the shooting. we are told this used to be an area where a lot of shots fired some years ago where there was a lot of shootings at people and told that it has calmed down since
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then but obviously tonight things have changed. reporting live in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> thank you thomas gentleman what started as palo alto police investigation into some stolen i-pad has resulted in what authorities are calling one of the largest methamphetamine bust on record. investigators searching for the i-pad served warrant on apartment in the san jose apartment complex on wood driv drive. i hope they found 750 pounds of meth in ice form with street value of 34 million dollars. police say the apartment had been turned into a sophisticated meth lab. 3 suspects were arrested. police say they also found those missing i padres. landmark day in history. less of the bunk beds that lane prison corridor and filled gym to handle overcrowding are now gone. 20,000 beds at 33 state prisons. it's the result of federal judge's ruling ordering california to reduce the prison population by 30,000 i hope mates over three years. state
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prison still need to rae locate another 17,000 inmates by june 2013 or face court order mandating the early release. job fair for veterans turned no a disappointment. organizers say the turn out of businesses looking to hire much less than they hoped for. mark matthews has the story. >>reporter: there was a good turn out of veteran groups and service organizations. but actual company looking for workers, not nearly as many as organize hers hoped. >> they say in public they support our vet but when the tim came they weren't here. >>reporter: bill went to the ups table talked with the guy from chase bank and wells fargo and mass mutual insurance and after that, he ran out of the private sector options. >> you have silicon valley down the street and where are face back and google and twitter and all those type of firms? >>reporter: the answer is silicon valley company don't need to go to job fair to find workers. this isn't the ordinary job fair. this one
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came with photo op and proclamations and promises of support to those americans who volunteered to go to war to serve their country. >> it's ahonor just to meet you and shake your hand. >>reporter: the good thing jobs he's seen in the past few years have all been with defense contractors wanting to send him back to were. >> some of the experience hi as contractor were extremely dangerous but you are expected to perform. >>reporter: he says veteran do perform. given the opportunity. >> i think ge doing a very good job. amazon. wal-mart excellent job. >>reporter: according to him wal-mart went out and hired retired general to run one of the hiring program n.berkeley a retired general says big business is diagnose a better job than small business when it comes to vets. >> small employers don't know whether people are deployed again in the next year or so which means they willless them or whether those deployed have problems when they come back.
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>>reporter: general monroe says the best advice for returning vet is go to the job fair. take advantage of what's being offered. seems to me that same advice could hold for employers. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. i hope investigators gave yellp grit review today during the first day of trading. the internet review site started i p o at 15 dollars a share. it was up 64 percent closing at 2 24.fwaichlt that you will for company that has yet to turn a profit. business technology all righter david lou has more. >>reporter: yellp claims to have 25 million review on its web site posted by volunteers who dish up the good and the bad about a range of businesses. but it hasn't turned a profit even though 66 million people visit yellp each month. tech analyst rob says yellp first day of stock trading has to be put in perspective. >> yellp designed this i p o so that it would sky rocket and as
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long as you get out before the rocket fails and falls to earth you can make some money. >>reporter: he points out that yes, ma'am. is depend on the volunteers to keep returning to post rae view if they drift away yellp popularity and finances could falter. but for now consumer believe yellp is a strong brand. >> yellp and the word review are snuck my head even if other people are doing it, i still am always going to think of yellp first. >>reporter: property prytor of this store in san jose says the review promote l good review for his restaurant but there's down side. >> down side is people can just write bad review or negative that can really hurt you and we have no rebuttal and we have no way of correcting the situations that happen. >>reporter: jordan doubts she would buy yellp stock. >> i'm not a gambling person so probably not especially because a lot of other site have googl google. facebook. >> oakland base investment said by skype that yellp potential is more important than the lack of a profit.
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>> what brings to mind is praise line and amazon. years back those companies didn't have much in the way of earnings. but they had potential. and look at them now. >> skeptic are concerned about yellp long-term prospects. worried that perhaps someone could cope and replicate indicate what they are doing with review site and also concerned how long it will take for yellp to turn a profit. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> there is much more to get to friday evening. coming up our dry winter already forcing one north bay water district to dip into a source it hasn't touched in decade. >> plus the georgetown law student who got a call from the president today after a bitter radio tirade over birth control. >> the bounty system. football players are paid to rurt their opponents and management knew about it. >> how the crookedest street in the world got a giant wash down today. news at 9:00 will be the world got a giant wash down toda[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger. >> head of the calf fish and game commission is facing an ethic alleges tonight. state fair political practice commission has filed a complaint accusing him of illegally accepting a 6800 dollar idaho hunting trip as a gift. state officials can not accept gifts of more than 420 dollars a year. during that
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trip fish game commissioner daniel richard seen here shot and killed this mountain lion that is legal in idaho but not california. 40 lawmakers called on him to resign but he refused. he can be removed from the post by majority vote of the legislature. >> one of san francisco best known tourist attractions flooded this afternoon when a car hate fire hydrant on lombard street. it happened when someone did what a lot of people do there. stop to take a picture. mark matthews reports. >>reporter: it looked like a big fountain going off in the edge of garden halfway down lombard hill. this was not a welcome addition to the sight that attract so many to the lapped mark. driver of the car that hit the fire hydrant didn't want to talk about it on camera. the story is he was driving down the street when the car in front of him stopped suddenly to take a picture. he didn't have ramp to stop and rather than rear end the car in front he drove his silver sedan that the garden and hit the hydrant. 27 percent grade
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became a water rushing down the hill until it get the dennis's house. >> i think the first floor is pretty well flooded out. basement which is right under nivt which has good storage area, it's presently damaged. >>reporter: firefighters pumped water out of the lowest of the buildings 3 apartments. the property apparently the only building on the street that was flooded. why do you think it picked your place. >> i think it just the nature of the way we put this beautiful also brick also seat here that the water hit it and bounced into the place. i think that's kind of what happened. >>reporter: he showed us around the lower apartment. >> wept into this little study area and into the bathroom. >>reporter: he's not living here now but has relatives staying in the place. washington now? >> i have to get a big gigantic vacuum. >>reporter: the he tacit pretty well that may good news for the driver of the car that hit the hydrant. he's a tourist from out of town who told me he has been up and down
9:17 pm
this street 20 times this time he got a ticket from the cops and rental car company has something to say about the bumper. reporting from lombar lombard, 7 news. >> what a mess. the. >> very different story in marin county. this lack of rain fall this season is seeing residents need to tap into a reservoir they last kind into in 1991. the marin municipal water district rely on rainfall for 75 percent of the supply. they don't get water from the sierra lake most of the bay area. this year rainfall as you know well below afternoon. now water being pumped from fine ix lake for thfirst time in 20 years. >> we don't expect to have to ration on this year but we are doing what we can to the maximize our supply this is year so when the best possibility disposition, when the fall comes around and we hope it's a rainy winter. >> level of phoenix lake will likely drop 10 feet by the time all this pumping is done. it
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doesn't lack like we have got any rain in our immediate forecast either. sandy is here now. >> yes. we are 27 to 48 percent of ample rate now. so we are really hurting for moisture and next 7 day i don't have major storm coming in here so jaws warmer trend. >> today it warmed up. we'll continue with the trend as we hit the weekend so if you have out door plans get ready to enjoy spring like weather. live picture from our high definition east bay hills camera look across the bay her here. visibility terrific. sky clear up and down the stat state. not just here locally. here's what the temperatures look lick. 5 the 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 69 degrees santa rosa. got up to 63 in san francisco. out toward concord and san jose running right wlushd be this time of year but tomorrow you are going to start to notice an upward trend in temperatures taking you well above where you should be. numbers right now in the 40's and the 50's. it
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is going to be clear cold night overnight spring like day expected this weekend. turning cooler on monday and system comes through to the north of us but doesn't look like it brings us any rain. here's the area of high pressure. this is what is taking control of our area. strong ridge for the weekend and as the ridge takes control the jet stream the stormtrack these are the fast moving upper level winds getting shoved up to the north which basically means we remain dry. area of high pressure will bridge down sloping wind for the wean. offshore flow. warm in spots. low to mid 70's for your sunday. so we come up into the low 70's range tomorrow and up that the mid 70's range in some areas by sunday so absolutely warmer than average by good 5 to 10 degrees in some areas. tonight temperatures are tumbling with clear sky. you get good radiation cooling taking place. light winds you have a dry air mass so look for cold night. livermore morgan hill 37 degrees. same thing vallejo. coldest location 36 santa rosa low mid 40's around the coast
9:20 pm
and near the bay. first thing tomorrow morning may need a sweater or jacket but by the afternoon temperatures rebound nicely. 67 degrees in san francisco. 72 for new santa rosa. lack at clear lake. 68 degrees. low 70's for napa. vallejo. certainly headed towards springtime here. 70 in oakland. 71 livermore 70 palo alto on the peninsula and 65 degrees in half moon bay. around the monterey bay temperatures will run from the low to mid 70's for most areas except monterey at 68 degrees. 72 in santa cruz and 74 for salinas. accu-weather 7 day forecast. mid 60's coast side. low mid 70's inland. it's really a mild weekend by winter stand arrested even warm. then early next week trough comes through but all it does is cool us off. bringing few more cloud and kick up the breeze. we are not looking at rain coming n.middle to latter part of next week the mild weather returns again. >> i have to say i'm looking forward to the nice warm
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weekend. >> i am too. it will be gorgeous. >> maybe we'll get some rain into next week. >> hopefully. >> thanks. on the move. students faculty another bay area college on a very long walk. reasons behind it when the news (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. let me get that door for you...
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>> students from several universities in the bay area are marching tonight for public education. they are calling it the 99 mile march for education and social justice. they left oakland yesterday. they plan to arrive in sacramento on monday. education reporter lee ann caught up with them along the way. >>reporter: friday goal was to march 23 miles from richmond to vallejo. several law enforcement agency escorted the students as they made their way through business san pablo
9:25 pm
avenue. >> we have advance taking our stuff like the heavier stuff for fool and memorandum explains. tp stoynts where the has been along the way. it isn't a big group about 40 students began the march in oakland on thursday afternoon. along the way they drew attention to themselves and to the plight of public education. >> government funds have gone so down and tuition going up that the we are paying more than the government is for our education. it's to rest and eat where if you can you will ty men from cal. >> wanted to join the march. >> professor like miller say puvrt university in california can't survive any more budget cut. >> we are losing fact you will. >> administration is fighting valiantly and people would rather stay in the tim but the financial situation is so
9:26 pm
pre-carry us. >>reporter: once they arrive in sacramento, they will meet up with other students and advocate public education. they say monas a protest we good go there and tiny 0im himself and see if you are. >> none yet. >> first they have to make it there. this evening just crossing the car kin as bridge on their way to vallejo. on sunday night they arrive at uc davis and overnight there. on monday they take a baa because to the capitol. in lee ann 7 news night team. >> when we continues tonight. rush limb what you in hot water yet again. what he said about this college student that has him losing sponsors left and right. >> man killed his own partner and now the weapon new for sal sale. marketing campaign has company looking at everything
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and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> conservative fire brand rush limbaugh decided another political storm. he launched an attack on 30-year-old female law student who testified before congress about the need for birth control to be covered by insurance. now the president of the united states has entered the fray. here's jake. >>reporter: before taking a trip on marine 1 this afternoon president obama telephoned a soldier fresh to the culture wars. sandra nrubing. >>reporter: he expressed support for me and he, he said that he hope his parents, my parents were proud of me. and that really meant something. he said that, you know, as a father he understood how they with feel.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: fluke the former head of georgetown law student for reproductive justice stepped into the front-line when republicans deny democrat request to give her a seat at this all male table. it was at house hearing with liberty against president obama mandate requiring even relimb us goals and hospital to offer contraception coverage. she spent last we can before house democrats. to talk about her belief that contraception should be fully covered. >> in the worst cases women who they'd this medication for other medical reasons suffered very dire consequences. >>reporter: enter rosh limbaugh. >> she must be paid to have hex. washington does that make her? if means you are a absolute, right? means you are a prostitute. >>reporter: since wednesday the giant has attacked the 30-year-old relentlessly and inaccurately. since she's not talking about taxpayer money at all. >> we want something for it. i'll tell you what it is. we want to you pos video on
9:32 pm
line so we can all watch. >>reporter: limbaugh contracts insult sparked a huge controversy and some sponsors have wuld the advertisement. democrat are raising money by lumpping limbaugh in with republicans. >> really, really upsetting that there's a sector the of american society that thinks it's still okay to talk about women in this way. >>reporter: republicans had hoped to make this debate with the white pwhous religious liberty but now find themselves definancing rush behaving badl badly. probably not a winning issue. jake, abc news the white house. >> as you saw sleep train is one of the company pulling its ads. mattress company based in sacramento and sponsored limbaugh for 25 years. sleep train says it faced a barrage of on line criticism over his latest comments. >> sacramento woman says she is humbled by what could be the largest judgment for sexual harassment in the nation. federal jury awarded this woman 168 million dollars. former
9:33 pm
position assistants filed if claiming she was wrongly terminated as whistle blower and sexual harassment of hostility. >> slapping you on the back side. grabbing your waist. pulling you into their lap. one harasser would tell me one day you are going to give in to me. i said i'm never going to give in to you. i under to my supervisor and say if front of her she would witness it do something about this. and they would laugh. >>reporter: mercy hospital released statement saying it is disappointed by the jury decision and plans to appeal. >> skier who died in the avalanche we reported here last night now identified. his name is benjamin bracket. he was 29 years old and bar tend intersquaw valley. he was original nationally from new hampshire. bracket and 2 friends were skiing in out of bound area interalpine meadow when avalanche carried them nearly 300 feet. bracket was the only one hurt. he died
9:34 pm
last tonight hours after rescuers pulled him from the snow. avalanche is in the back country continue to be damager. one forecast says it's like a brick sitting on top of a mound of sugar. >> now to the nation weighed man hunt forearm ordinary guard who police say murdered his own partner and fled with more than two million dollars in cash them say he's armed and dangerous on and on the moon. lindsay reports. >> it maybe the ultimate inside job. this morning police say he's armed and dangerous. it was-year-old armored truck guard allegedly shot his part interin the back of the head tuesday before disappearing with more than two million dollars and as many as 3 automatic weapon. >> if turn yourself in. >>reporter: massive man hunt began after police stumble upon his abandoned armored car. blood dripping from its locked doors. inside the truck vault the body of hads partner. 31-year-old michael hanes. money gone.
9:35 pm
>> our belief is that he planed to rob the company if he had to kill the guard he planned to could that. >> police report show he allegedly shot haines shortly before 1:00 p.m. it was 10 minutes called a friend saying he ruined his life. did he get girl pren pregnant he replied worse than that then confesses to the murder. investigators say they had time line with video speaks away from behind this home depot. by 1:23 the truck abandoned. 3 minutes later police say he runs to the ford explore err and takes off at the same time haines body found tonight his father say says-comes home ditches his blood stain uniform and fleece. >> abc news. an extensive screening process for guards of armored cars that includes a criminal background check, reference check and pal grov today is
9:36 pm
admitting security lapse in the technology center. the space agency told congressional company that somebody stole a lap top last year containing unencripted code that control the international space statio station. another incident interesters appear to be the lab in southern confidential an got full set to their system. in about 3 hours continental air lanes will be no more. merger with united will be final. continental flight 1267 leave fix at 11:51 pacific and land in class as you yurted lil charge it ration louis. such a spending production if it it's it's thelet electric car for 5 week in hopes of reducing inventory. demand for the car is slower than expected. old treat may soon than up for sal sale. twitter plans to open
9:37 pm
arrest show for valuable marke marketing damage a they could be sold because it's a public forum so very difficult for privacy watch dog to object you. >> coming up next. amadeing story of bay area guitar virtuoso stricken by the many degrees in he refused to give up
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is. >> richl monday musician defy the odds in music and medicine is star of new documentary that premiers tomorrow in san jose. we've been going the remarkable license of and we good up the date on the man and movie. >> there is nobody better than that dude. he was on another
9:41 pm
level. people would hear. they would turn the it and good what the heck was that. he wouldn't just play a bach police he could play it that way. jason on the way to becoming a really bill foster. but that tons happen. becker pass kind with ls guys. it slot round him on to the 3 to 5 years to lon. in 1996 he had already proven the doctor wron wrong. he's 52 years old so glad to see you again. >>reporter: moreen considerable during all those years even they jays open can't move or spoke he has continued is folks lock. is that music has fans all over the world from heavy metal 50 tar lover
9:42 pm
has fans all over the world from heavy metal 50 tar lover to about a along in could he g >> being talked about skype with director jessie vial in long done why he wanted to make a move about jason. >> it's jaws story of a rock star orchid trying to realize they are dreams. really of fact and triumph other that it. >> documentary explains how jason father invent add system of i-phone so jaition on could communicate. >> basically at an eye geometr geometry. every letter has specific forms and now i potsment family friends interpret as though can for once again on my latest talk to tim. >> that's pretty kind. >> ith think it is fu funny. >>reporter: found it makes a
9:43 pm
dorns write me up. split a lot of class kaing im do. working with father note by note so guitar the computer and one something it has notes on his keither has so which were thaet are poll paint has fallen. >> strange to tonight a movie theater and watch yourself on the begin screen. >> no. the the [ laughing]. >> documentaries is an interest next trantsal contribution from rock star friends and donation from fans. >> i flew in yesterday. from chicago came such a long way because jason is a hero to me. >> man i never the slashed. big deal. i'm from chile and guy there and talk about jason and nobody believes i know him. his family had been every em
9:44 pm
that she's changed their pwivs in way way. >>reporter: through the movie jason told me he really wants peek to focus on this is music and something else. >> that live doesn't turn out how we plan and sometimes st that can be okay. >> yes. is. >> i have known him for 15 years and good a to see him. thirts visit he looked graichlt i asked about his hell and not gotten any better l i wans together dead yet. in fact very much alive. abc 7 news. powerful story becker documentary pre-sure quinn at the fell pig bingt or go to our web site to click on see it on tv. governor schwarzenegger
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[ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys.
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i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free, or i can fill up and go a whole lot farther. is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger. spchld sfp. >> arnold schwarzenegger now permanently larger than life in clump butter, ohio. that's where than 8 foot bronze sculpture unveiled for the 24th annual arts festival. the statue shows former governor prime body building years. unveiling didn't good off without a hitch. one fan didn't appreciate someone making fun of the governor. >> well the name thee door mating may the pob of dr. seuss certainly is and today imagines 101 day. i join a group of volunteers on stage at the bayshore elementary school in daly city to read green he can and ham. this is fund activity
9:49 pm
they do every year and this day of remembrance for dr. seuss. i also got a chance to raise one-on-one to class of students darders in and fourth graders. and certainly terrific way to celebrate the 11 of pwreel. bet let's check in now with sany this school as well them were just really into the spirit of dr. seuss. lieutenant me me see what's going on this weekend. around the state. mild no matter where you are from tp no sfi. sawp 87 fwraeing in as ang. fast forward to sunday and the temperatures will go up even more. tomorrow our numbers go up 70 in vallejo oakland palate up to santa rosa. only of the temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees where they should be. sawn hanson front whom bar mile
9:50 pm
beak its a little tm wednesday through 40 does it feel lick spring >> always feels summer lick. >> it does. joust wrrm laterally. >> great weekend ahead. >> really. >> already ri is off. collin is here now with a preview of sports. it's beautiful for us. >> not happy about. that top rank system ford undefeated fen good okay the hood way you remember the will scored 100 for the warriors. this team 17 shea of
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>> coming up at 11:00. this is a delicacy to so that. animal wrult to others. protest to happen both inand outside this san francisco restaurant. the perk of elected office are state officials taking gifts worth thousands of tlavrments even watching to see
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in 1 hour on 7 news sever on channel right. now it is time for sports. collin has the force. i wasn't around when this happened. >> this is amadeing story. i sticky check. >>reporter: i tact yolk i get them rate. greatest siming el game seat in sports history. 50 years ago will chamber scored 140 pound from then philadelphia warriors. did it on what team made daniel is culled strange night. against the picks was vacation small really still thovr 28 of 32 free throw fine a score 16 163-knicks. 147 you had ichltd we won the game contrary to popular believe to a lot of people and the other thing is we'll try to come out of the game before to judge the other parts. >> announcer for the warrior at
9:55 pm
that time first 80 pointsia points or something like that going into the first quarteren we all realize this was going to happen. >>reporter: al 8 for 817 points in the game likes to till. wilt situations on on hand kevt visiting 6 or legallis laid the way in first if yet. still not some. i get david lee cleaning up. 24 points 15 board for lee. car yours down 3 at the who have. to vintage pop la how he vye once game parts and arrest enthusiastic holiday. bill:00 youth scores by 19 the first half leave the 6 norse scoring yet a gichl high 21 and my tonight he would have out cord them by 17 him civil i don't
9:56 pm
have yaet the final two previous meetings the game usf and low on it mayor mountain were tooled by total 3 nights. rex in the jazz vegas bob. foot you up on him early. stepping on the fight of anglo. gust in lie one of the great lakes drew 45-3. a run fueled by michael williams at any time call it. we'll take it from the beginnings. >> for pints it shut basketball is an official future made a left actually letth a 68 of usa final side st. mary's in pen poor book mostly clear 3 my
9:57 pm
stint. filts in front. goke oakland jazz resume. no. gales coral survive top seeded gonzaga await for semi snor morning. camp tug lead playing under way in arizona and mariners first team to play that means the beginning of ramirez era. he will still it now but 50 veing recommend site i nothing. grinds into the inning and double play when o for t pwshing off you have nature 5 home runs this one from michael. 8-5 seattle the 2 teams play again tomorrow. major league baseball official today. second wild card team has been added to each league starting this year establishes one game wild card round between the 2 teams with the best record not division winners. mark could very well be the no. 1 pick in this year label draft. don't tell this to fresno state. despite
9:58 pm
striking out clear 11 bull dog to fresno state. despite striking out clear 11 bull dog caught
9:59 pm
1 that's a great point. this happens with other teams. this came to the forefront with the if injuries and look what happen. >> out of time see you over on happen. >> out of time see you over on 7 at 11:00. good night for


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